Most Polish shops look alike in London. We aren’t quite sure why this is.

This store is very friendly, once again really nice people work there. But the window displays are a bit cluttered and we aren’t fans of back lit illuminated boxes. There are other ways to grab peoples attention. One way to stand out is to be a little different, be recognizable.

So what if:

The logo is based on the graphics seen on Polish Packaging, the backboard natural wood to give it a bit od a deli feel. A simple awning completes the look and the message board in the window contained within simple frames to tidy up the window display and allow people to see inside the shop (and let in more natural light!).


  1. 1 Resident April 8, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    That’s brilliant!! I like this shop and thought that this was one of the nicer store fronts on the street anyway, The new design looks really nice as well.

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